I walked in the rain today, happy to let it curl my hair and kiss my face. The Russian Princess arrived bearing flowers. My arms were filled with delicate whites, and yellows turned into deep purples on the edges. Flowers are my therapy. I cannot help but feel blissful in their company. We lunched as the Texas ladies do, gossiping a bit, being a little catty, sharing our secrets. She told me about the wildebeest's departure from her life, how boys never change...except for the good ones, and diabolical plans to start the Best Little Whorehouse and Mexican Cantina in Prague. I told her of new love, spilled the beans on the mysterious suitor who was never a mystery to her, and Christmas shopping. We talked about mahjong lessons, antidotes for the Texas heat, and what feminine wiles a lady might call upon to bring about a permanent change of scenery for a gentleman. That's a purely hypothetical question, of course. I wore black and grey today, but it's a day full of color and happiness....and counting days until I walk into his smile.
I treated myself today. Amanda came into town and I took the rest of the afternoon off to lunch, gossip, and shop. Best of all, she brought me flowers!!! Red roses, but not any ordinary red...a velvet red laced with a deep sunset color...really beautiful!! : )

We ate Mexican food (pretty much my everyday fare) and then went for a twirl downtown. Took her to one of my favorite places in the world. I bought cinnamon oil, ylang ylang, and rocks for my boys (turquoise, pyrite, and tiger's eye). Then we walked next door and bought a couple of things to support our groovy local Pagans. : ) We went to the park to buy a pumpkin and here we are in our tiaras. Not the best photo, but what can you do? The pumpkin lass was so astounded by a visit from the Tsarina that she did the best she could. Amanda picked out the pumpkin with the best jack-o-lantern potential in the patch. It was a glorious day. I went back to the office and, like Amanda, I wore my sequined tiara all the way home, singing along to the radio happy as a lark.
I had an absolutely FABULOUS day catching up with the Russian princess today!!! : ) She has a very stylish new haircut and loads of stories from her travels...and she gave me some yummy soap that smells like apple orchards in fall! And another that has a familiar scent I'm still trying to pin down. It really was a great day!


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