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( Mar. 12th, 2002 04:16 pm)
I would ask that you take at least three minutes of silence, and sit there in silence and realize, realize how long it takes for a child to lose voluntary control of their body,. --Kaylynn Williford--one of the prosecutors in the Yates trial

Maybe I've seen too many dead kids to have compassion for the people who make them dead. Perhaps I am too familiar with the physical mechanics of what it takes for a little body to give up and quit working. I know more about this case than I care to and I'm not going to argue about my views on it. I've seen plenty of monsters and Mrs. Yates is the worst fucking kind.

Oh...wait...scratch that...her husband's worse.
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( Aug. 5th, 2001 12:36 pm)
Home from the's over. Anyone watching him said his legs almost went out from under him when he heard the sentences. Suffice it to say he won't have the chance to do that again...ever. In the meantime, while I worked 18-20 hour days, my grass has died and my kids have grown. I'm skinny from too much coffee and nicotine...and I'm tired enough to sleep a week without even rolling over. I will rid myself of the ugliness still in my head by finishing up with some painting I left half-done, catching up on e-mails, and working on my web site. Life is beautiful.
The key concept to suicide is that you fucking kill YOURSELF. Why is it, then, that someone decides to take some other poor sap along for the ride? I personally have never understood the idea of wanting to make oneself dead. I've got too much of a survivor instinct. You're in a plane crash in the Andes with me, I will be using my pocket knife to make ass steaks. No doubt. But even assuming that there's a bona fide reason for shortening your stay on the planet, why include someone else in that? As usual, my question relates to a case I'm working on. Aside from being the vivacious bon vivant my friends all know and love, I'm an ATF-trained arson prosecutor. You'd never know by looking, eh? Oh, and I mean the training on how to investigate and prosecute arsons, not how to commit them. Just figured I'd make that clear, in light of that pesky ATF/Waco dealio. So I've got this case comes across my desk where one guy decides he's going to blow himself to bits. Efficient. I have no problem with that, as long as it's away from others. However, he decides to do it in his place of employment. Pulls out the gas stove from the wall, turns the radio on, and sits down for the long sleep. A neighbor boy, about 20, smells gas. He sees the guy and runs in to pull him out of the small building. Well, suicide king gets pissed and ends up igniting the gas...building goes boom. Boy of twenty now has burns over fifty percent of his body and may not live. Suicide king has burns, but of course, not nearly as serious as the poor kid who went in to save his sorry ass. The rub in all this is that 20-year-old good Samaritan's mother got to stand by the sidelines and watch her son's clothes burn onto his body. Right in front of her eyes. Man. No good deed goes unpunished. Sometimes it sure seems that way.
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( Jan. 7th, 2001 11:41 pm)
Sometimes I really hate Sundays. Maybe it's facing another week of court, trials, briefs, defense attorneys, judges, etc. when I'd much rather be staying home hanging out with my kids. They grow so fast that I'm afraid all I'm going to remember are the pictures you get when the shutter speed on the camera is too slow. Maybe it's that my boss chewed me out last week because I gave a guy a softer deal than most because he was going to be deported if I didn't. I started crying in the middle of all this from sheer bewilderment that he didn't see that I was trying to do justice, not thwart it. (I'm one of those poor souls for whom crying is like sweating--the harder I try not to, the more I cry.) I still think I did the right thing. He still thinks I fucked up. Whatever. Maybe it's that, as much as I like working hard, I still get a little jealous of my friends who "married well" and don't work at all. I think it's really just that I'm still lazy and sluggish after the holidays. Ah, well. Tomorrow will come and I'll be back in the groove--fightin' the bad guys--trying to figure out who the bad guys really are.


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