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( Sep. 1st, 2006 02:51 pm)
Here's what going on, the quick & dirty version:

It's way too hot here and I'm ready for fall. Busted my chin open at our last bout, blood on the track (thank you, Bob Dylan!), and then super-glued it together like MacGyver! Work is getting interesting. Sallie Mae still has me in a fucking chokehold and now I hear the CEO may buy a baseball team. All you politicians who keep selling off our rights to the CORPORATION can eat a dick. I hate you with a burning sun of hatred. My boys are growing like crazy and it's freaking me out! I am planning on going to Marfa in November to hang out with all the other wandering desert artists...part of the big master plan to become the 21st century Georgia O'Keefe (only with not much painting talent!). I have a big crush that I'm sure won't last, but he's like catnip to me and I just want to rub my face up against him every time I see him. Meow. I have another dog that I rescued off the streets. A pug named Bug. He's a big pain in the ass and he snores and burps and farts all over me but I love him! I have four dogs now, but they are all so small that they really only count as 1/2 a the real count should be two. Still, I'm at maximum capacity for the animal orphanage. No más. My hair is finally getting back to its old braidable self. Thank goodness! I feel like myself again. Weekend coming up, a roller derby bout in Austin--our first interleague game ever--and then the countdown to real fall weather. I can't wait! Friday!! Monster movies and popcorn with the kids tonight. And probably more dog farts. Ah, life.
Picked up the pup around fourish. I'd agreed to take it sight unseen because it sounded like it had already been bounced around way too much.

I feel like I won the lottery! She's a little tiny foot long hot dog, not quite as long as a dachshund...sort of looks like a stocky Chihuahua, but with a boxy face and floppy ears...about 12 weeks old. She's tan with a black muzzle and big brown eyes. Her name is Trixie. : )

I can't imagine why anyone would have wanted to get rid of her. They hadn't taken her to the pound yet, but said that "she barked too much." Cripes. She's a peach! She's housebroken, she plays fetch, she sits...she's smart as a whip. She loves my cats and has already taken over supervising the boys. I couldn't have imagined a better dog. Oh, and she hasn't barked a bit since I brought her home...not even at the deer. I'll put pictures up as soon as I can. She's indescribably cute!

Oh, and on a totally unrelated tangent, because I know that Cris will appreciate this...Clandestine has agreed to be the featured music/group in the Fall issue of the Atomicpetals Journal! Just got the word on that from their PR person today! So a big "THANK YOU!" to zilla girl for turning me onto them! : )


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