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([personal profile] catelin Mar. 20th, 2009 09:21 am)
A friend wrote something this morning that made me look back at how long some of us have been here and how long I have known some of you.  This place is important to me and I loved what it used to be, just like many of you.  There is never any going back, but I do miss the sense of shaping our own space here that we used to have and I think that we are all guilty of not doing enough of that in the last few years.

I decided I would link to one of my first posts to remind myself and hopefully the rest of us about how long we've been here and how much we've seen one another through. I'm going to ask the rest of you to do the same. Please post something from THEN and NOW. Two posts to show where you came from and where you are going.  (And thanks, [ profile] sheenabizarre  for the inspiration!)




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I have great affection for LJ, back then and even now but there is some sort of magic, isn't those first months, learning about people, having just those first few people on your list...and I have to say, overall, I still have that feeling about LJ. Over the years you get the weird people, the delete people, the ones you wish you maybe would not have added, but then there are those treasured people...the ones you feel so honoured to have read for years, to have communicated with.

I don't post as much now, and sometimes I hibernate, I am silent but it really warms my heart to read people, to hear your words...I am so very grateful for it.

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oh wow! that's so awesome! I'll have to dig something up tomorrow!
oddly I dreamt of 2 black sheep in Ireland, a country that I'd never been in. I loved the sheep & kissed one. it all makes sense now.
: )

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I think that the value of words has sharply dropped in the last few years as people are culturally prodded into filling sundry pointless social networking sites--that is, marketing hubs-- with free content. It's a twitchy 140 word world and anything beyond that drifts away or is viewed by a person as too much and so ignored in favor of the popular, brief vacuuity.

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we've been here longer than a box of calendars, and with just about as many backgrounds.

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It's often somebody posting things that are full of energy and life that makes me want to step it up a little around here. I'm not likely to do it at the moment, but I'm always happy to see you raising the bar.

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Mmmm, this was like vertigo to read, CC...the 2000 post, now almost 10 years old but at the time more than 10 years after the Lubbock years...
We've fit many lives into two.

Sending much love on a rainy March monday in the heartland...


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I remember the first time I encountered that 2000 entry so vividly and viscerally that upon rereading I feel suspended between my eleven-year-old body sitting in her parents' basement, and my actual body sitting in my own house. I also remember standing backwards in front of the mirror later, twisting my neck around, and wondering what it would take for my ass to stop traffic. (Ultimately, I realized that the answer is "someone else's ass.")

Twenty seemed impossibly, unattainably ancient to me then. And now I'm twenty...whoa.


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