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([personal profile] catelin Jan. 21st, 2009 06:46 am)
I was in the courtroom yesterday and didn't get to see much of the inauguration. Still, I am so proud and relieved. Finally, in some of the ways that matter, there were more on the side of goodness and grace than cynicism and mercilessness. I don't expect miracles. I doubt any of us do. I do, however, expect better. In that, it would be hard to disappoint.

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I am afraid that he has been raised to such a level in people's minds that many ARE expecting miracles......and the critics will always judge with PERFECTION as the standard.

My biggest hope would be to see him fix health care with the help of my friend Tom Daschle.....and not cause a HUGE crisis like people predict socialized medicine will do.

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Very well put.

Obama was classy from the get go. A TEENY part of me wishes he was more dirty, but he knows what he's doing ... he never breaks a sweat.

I don't expect him to walk on water either, but at least someone is in there now that I agree with (about 90 percent of) their issues. And that's still a very tall order that the USA received and I am grateful :)


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