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The holiday this year was small and cozy, probably one of the best that I've had in ages. The focus this year was on doing more, interacting more, and not necessarily buying more. I realized that it's been several years now that I stopped shopping at Walmart and most of the other giant megacorpsuckers, no small feat out in rural Texas. It wasn't any big political act. I was in Walmart, got completely skeeved out by the feeling that I was going to end up as some old lady buying Soylent Green there one day; so I simply left my cart, walked out and never went back. That was the beginning of a sea change in the way that I lived, where simplicity and after-market stuff became more important. I haven't had a credit card in over five years, by choice. I shop thrift and consignment for almost everything I can now. We recycle, we compost. We try. It's not perfect and I certainly don't do anything to the point of being able to get haughty about it with anyone...lord knows I love to get haughty! ; )

My goals this year are balance and simplicity--two things I've had much too little of in the last year. I realize, though, that my life has been complicated by my response to it. I need to take things with a bit more aplomb this year. I need to see each day as its own as much as I see the interconnections with all the other days past and future.

One of the smaller things I'm doing, beginning today, is reading a book during my lunch. I have spent the last year working through lunch more often than not, wolfing down something while I read police reports or look at autopsy photos. But today, my lunch hour will become my own. I have so little quiet time that I figured this was the easiest place to carve it out. No computer, no noise, just me and my lunch with a book. Another tiny footstep in what I feel is a good direction, and tiny footsteps feel more natural to me these days than the giants leaps and bounds of my past.

I'm not talking about becoming smaller or less grand in any way, mind you. I think of the coming year and focusing on my life as a beautiful mosaic, where every small piece deserves its space and appreciation. That's easier said than done, but I am good at doing not-so-easy things. I think I have a chance.

May we all be spectacular in the coming year, in every possible good way there is to be--to ourselves and to one another.

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I've been reading over my lunch for years now--especially since having kids, I've found carving out that small window of alone time to escape into reading to be a wonderful balm for my heart and mind.

Relaxing, too.

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Yay for consignment and thrifting! We had a consignment thrift Christmas here! I love the fact that my husband and parents appreciated the "finds" I got them for Christmas. It rocks not to have to hide the fact that I got them stuff second hand! I'm glad they are on board with my "Less is more" sensibilities. My husband even bought me jewelry made from recycled magazines for Christmas.
God I'm turning into such a hippy in my old age hahahahaha! But I've just found such pleasure the past year in living simply and growing our lunch in the backyard!

During one of your lunch breaks check out the Tightwad Gazette books---some of the ideas are a bit too extreme for me to follow everyday but there are some great tips and ideas for living frugally and simply!

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Thank You for this post. I am a big believer in the small things. And the last line of your post has been the best benediction I have ever heard - from your screen (lips, mind) to G-d(desses) ears...


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my new years resolutions sort of just occur.
and apparently we are on the same track, with simplicity, because I have been getting rid of things I don't need physically as my first step.

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Thanks for the add, I've added you back.

Your writing is deep and honest. I look forward to getting to know each other :)



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