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Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conduct. ~ Thomas Carlyle

Every action has to have its beginning place. I am going to make mine here: [ profile] engayge_america. It's a community created and moderated by [ profile] jesus_h_biscuit-- someone I don't know personally but for whom I have always had much respect due to his clarity of purpose and unwavering voice for the right thing. He's someone who doesn't fade away or lose interest. He's solid and committed, which is why I am not only proud to join him but confident in his ability to follow through and keep things going.

I feel completely comfortable in urging you--any of you--who have an interest in actively pursuing equality for ALL people without regard to sexual orientation, to join this community and use it as a meeting place, a networking tool, a bulletin board...Whatever you can offer, I am asking you to offer it there.

Livejournal has changed my life in a lot of ways. I have met people who will be lifelong partners and friends. I have accomplished things both personally and professionally due to the connections and exchanges I was able to forge in this virtual place. This is why I am going to begin here with my own activism. I am one lone voice in the middle of Texas right now, but I will join with others. I will use [ profile] engayge_america as a place to join with other voices until we become a choir of people acting for what is good and right.

I was extremely vocal and active in the past regarding the rights of all people to be treated as valuable human beings. When marriage without regard to gender first became a reality, I breathed a sigh of relief. I remember having dinner with a gay lawyer friend of mine in Los Angeles several years ago. He was worried. He said there was going to be a terrible backlash from the religious right. I pooh-poohed him and chided him for being so cynical. I so desperately wanted to rest, to take a break, to believe that the work was done. I wanted to believe that people were not nearly so hateful and fearful as they were even a few years before.

I was wrong. The work is not over. It's not time to rest. It's time to take another deep breath and dive in.

So please, if you have it in you to fight the good fight one more time, join me...join us. It's time.

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i cannae think of many places i wouldnae follow you. Actually or virtually.

Not that i'm blind, and need it, but i know what lighthouses are for, and it ain't tourism.

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1. I had this fever-dream to welcome in the flu season last week wherein I was compiling an anthology of livejournal writing -- writing from livejournal & about livejournal & when I woke up I wondered why not. It could happen someday. The early years have this kind of double veil of meaning for me -- the way old memories feel when you roll them around in your brain & the way childhood memories feel -- since I grew up here, have been here since I was 11, and can't fathom who I would have been had I not stumbled upon you & Verian & whoever else was around back then. On a related note,

2. I might have become an activist and a poet without livejournal but regardless I can trace the roots of both to this community and

3. I am glad you & others are working so hard to sustain and expand the limitless potential of the forum we have.

4. Thank you.
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I have always been proud of you, M., and proud of myself for playing any part at all in the wonderful person you are. : )


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